Affiliate Marketing 101

affiliate-marketing2Affiliate marketing is  where you can sale others products in exchange for a commission. Your commission can vary from 4% to 10 %  depending  on the Retailer. Certain products will have a higher commission that others. The internet marketing business  can be  stressful for newbie, you can spend money that you don’t have. Robbing Peter to pay Paul sooner or later one of the them are going to find out what you are doing.  If you know what I mean, say A-men, Thank you, because I hear you talking.

One way to help offset some of the cost is  through affiliate marketing. You don’t have to sale your own products. You don’t need to accept payment yourself. You don’t need to ship anything out. You don’t have to filter through  anything. You don’t have to do any of the complicated task that are associated with selling. Just find a product and promote it

Think of it like this, when you make a purchase from a high-end store, the sale person get a commission, except their commission is coming from the store. Your commission will come from the affiliate program you are promoting. It very easy to become an affiliate and it’s free. Go to the bottom of the retailer page. Click on the link that says become an affiliate. Sign up for an account. Choose how you want to receive your commission.  You can have it sent to your paypal account, sent to your home address or accept a gift certificate.

Come closer, pay close attention, this information that I am about to reveal to you will  save your business.

Just because the person don’t see you face to face don’t mean you can sale them anything. When you sale affiliate products,  brand yourself  and recommend to your customers some good stuff. Research the  products and become the expert on what you are selling.  If  you don’t  investigate your affiliate products you are going to create a huge ugly monster, looking in the mirror, you are not going to recognize  the person looking back at you-                             (U the monster). Walking down the sidewalk a shadow will appear ( U the monster ). Don’t just  add your name to any affiliate product that’s out there. If you do so, Quickly, you will become the monster.

All of the people I know are afraid of monsters. When you began building  a list to promote yourself, via- sending out Broadcast, Twittering,  posting on Facebook, people are going to remember the monster that sent them bad information. They will spam and deleted you quicker that you can blink your eyes.   If the product that you sent out was bad.  You will lose your credibly with customers. You need traffic in this business. Don’t be foolish and think you can be deceptive. Your reputation  will follow you to your grave.  Don’t create an early death for yourself.  Let’s give them something to talk about! and make it good. Take a little time and research your affiliate products.

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5 Consistent Ways to Build a Popular Blog

money-making-idea-12785256At the end of the day if your blog is not that popular and you have worked like       ( h—) to make things happen, you feel like you’re wasting time and making very little money in the process.  It’s time for you pull the light switch and make the light  come on. How are you going to do that Miriam ? I am so glad you asked.  Give your blog an edge to have visitors and the more the merrier. But it is not a case of simply using the old adage “build it and they will come”. Unless you are sweeter that a honey cone  it not that easy.  Having a blog that is popular demands many attributes and necessary attractions before you can expect visitors and traffic to come flowing into your website.

First you must choose which niche you want to create and decide if your subject will be popular amongst the masses or not. A blog about local fetes and street fairs in your town or embroidery classes in your county won’t exactly set you apart from a blogger that writes articles on how to fix your computer when a certain problem arises, and taking into consideration all the latest technologies and software as well.  I know you see where I am going here.

Choosing your niche is important as it has to become popular among the internet web community. It may address subjects like lifestyle, fashion, travel, health, internet marketing, computing or animals and you could address sub-niches within those topics too. For example, in a blog about animals you may want to blog just about bearded dragons, but I would advise you keep your blog as broad as possible to encompass as many visits to your blog as possible.Write about bearded dragons by all means but also cover topics on  lions, tigers, and  bears  (oh my) and other large animals to keep your blog flowing and give you more information to blog about.

Likewise, if you are covering sports-based blog than cover not just one sport but many sports as you can to engage the fans of every game. Another suggestion if you are blogging about menopause you can blog about  how it makes you feel, simply stated like you are losing your mind or the night sweats or  how you have to work extremely hard just do lose 1 pound. Let me leave that alone. It sound like someone knows what they are talking about, you -think.  You will need to decide how often you will post;  Listen very carefully I am about to inform you of some good stuff. did you know it is much better to do three 100-word blogs and snippets every day than it is to do one big 1,000-word article at the weekend and blog it once a week?

It is also worth gathering material before you start your blog as you will be able to hit the ground running.  At lease make it to 3rd base. Wait! What am I talking about, if you are going up to bat bring the two runners on lst and 2nd base home, Kill it!  Hit a home run.  It is no good writing a couple of articles or blogs in the first few weeks of starting up  your blog and then getting writer’s block or struggling to find material worthy to blog about. Consistency  is the way to build a popular blog.

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5 Steps Self Selling Strategy to Making Money by Blogging

mnIf you have come here to look for ways in which to make money blogging then you will need to know the first important steps you’ll have to take to get your program up and running and making revenue for you. The steps are all fairly simple and won’t take up too much of your time. Time is money, money is time, unless you have a lot of both-make things easy on yourself.

First of all you will have to lay the foundations and build your blog. A blog is free to open up on a number of websites, but it is better to use a tool like WordPress. You could buy a hosting package if you want, this will take out much of the dirty work for you and leave you to concentrate on updating the content at a regular pace within your blog. Much of the hosting, promoting, ad placements and other revenue spinning methods should be taken up by your host. I recommend  Go Daddy.

Blogging these days is so popular because of its versatility, dynamism and popularity that it has become one of the more favourite ways to make money online. There really is no need to go on some wild venture into SEO practices, unethical marketing or computer programming to get your blog up and running and making you cash.

Secondly, after your blog has been built you will need to choose a niche or subject you will blog on. It may be something on your favourite pastime like fishing, where you could offer tips and best locations to catch the latest breed of carp or bugs. It may be a blog on golf, where you’ll update your subscribers with golfing tips, great new courses and all the latest news and updates on the major tournaments going on around the world. It may be music where you could offer techniques on how to play a keyboard. If you can think it -up you can make it work, Go for it.

You should then begin to target big keywords and choose a domain name  that is going to generate a keyword that is rich and useful to your blogging. Your own  name is always great. Or choose one that suits and should drive traffic to your blog. Not any of that  f-u-n-k-y stuff.

You do want to keep em coming or what?

Next up you will need to write some valuable and useful material. Good content that is keyword-rich (but not too rich that you overdo it) over exaggeration keywords really does matter. Finally, you should look to do some SEO (search engine optimization) work and study and make sure you include as many back-links as possible to take visitors back to your blog over and over again. Remember what your parent’s  use to say. A hard head makes a soft behind. Keep your strategy to making money online and blogging  simple when starting out.

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Actually, It’s my Birthday and I got busy. Working on my Mind, Body and Soul.                160_F_16322539_Ws1db6TXc38gWT61heQTjUWHOYogp2VB If its ok , I want to share something with you, heart to heart. When I look around and I see my friends leaving this world  because they didn’t take care of their bodies.This made me start thinking  more about mortality. How can I back this thing-up. I don’t know about you, but I have places to go, people to see and things to do.  I am just not ready for death.

I work-out  three to five times a week. I am in pretty good shape. I am having to working harder on my diet this weight is stubborn, but I am on top of it. I will stay in control, Its hard but I am going to do it.  I am not  where I want to be, but I am definitely not where I use to be.

Let’s see if  you can identify with me. The true color of my hair is brown, but the  gray  started to show, so I colored it. When I looked in the mirror, I -be-dog-gone- if the gray had turned red. I’ve used the  same  hair color I been using.  I want you to keep this in mind while I am telling  you this story – all of this happen to me in the same week. I  went to the optometrists to have my eyes examine. This exam should  have been a normal eye examination. I already worn glass, I was just expecting to change my frame. Lo and behold she informed me I needed bi-focal. I was out the chair setting on the floor before she could get focal out. I am thinking what in the world is going on. I am getting old quickly and in a hurry.  Help me Jesus!  Things happens in our lives, sometime uncontrollable things, we  just have to deal with them.

There is nothing wrong with wearing bi-focal, especially the ones that have invisible line. I was just  not expecting to be wearing them so soon, just like I was not expecting my hair to turn red. It took me a minute to realize  it was just not that serious. I am lying it took sometime to get over that.    Do you hear me? Can you feel my pain? I know you are saying this girl is crazy,  I am not crazy. I do like to have fun.

Let me get serious now, we cannot me messing  around with our bodies. It is of absolute IMPORTANCE that we get moving. Get up and work that body, you only have one. Your body is going to start changing on its own,  don’t  help contribute to the negative changes of your body.  *keep living your body is going to change,* If your body don’t go South, it will go East and West. As you get older the only time its going North is when you help it, and you know exactly what I mean.  I have no problem with that, if I had the money I would  get some nips and tucks too probable. For all us that don’t have the funds for the nips and tucks we are going to have to work like (H).I hope you know what that means I don’t use bad language . The older we get the harder it is to get the weight off.( If you looking for a witness to that statement, I have my hand raised).

I am not talking about people that are born  with diabetes.

Diabetes is one of the things frighten me. What I am concern with is when you don’t take care of your body  and later you’re diagnosed with diabetes.  Let’s face it, this is serious stuff I mean serious. You must get moving. MOVE YOUR BODIES. I had a friend that  did not take care of himself and his body he was diagnose later with diabetes. His Organs failed him.  Wake up people diabetes can cause you to lose  limbs if you don’t take care of yourself.

There are so many people being diagnosed every day with diabetes and are not taking it serious. one of my brothers,  he’s  two years younger than me. He has been diagnosed with this disease. He is not taking it serious. When I see him drinking it really concerns me. One thing I have notice, many of our adults want to drink alcohol, as if it’s not going to harm their  body. Drinking  alcohol with diabetes will cause your body to deteriorate quickly.

I can talk to my brother until I am blue in face, I won’t  turn blue because I am black:) So, guess what I will be in his face!  Although, until  he takes this serious I am not going to get through to him and I hate this with all my heart and soul. He -will- get -sick -of- me. I am going to be on him like a bull dog on a bone.

It is  clear to me, when you lose your health, there is nothing important in your life. WHEN YOUR HEALTH IS GONE NOTHING IS IMPORTANT TO YOU. Get moving please, work your body. Take control today of your awesome Mind, beautiful Body and wonderful Soul. These three things are just like your finger print they are uniquely yours.

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How to Build Relation with your Email List

build-up-trust-businessman-building-trust-word-29436308 - Copy If you want people to connect  to you -you has to build a personality to connect with. It has to be  your own style. Most definitely you have to  write in your own voice. You are not going to win over everyone and that’s ok, so be realistic, build the relation as your business grows . You will not be able to get all the king horses in the  corral  at once, it will take time to build the relation with your email list. Once you build your list it yours forever unless someone decides to opt out.

Think about this- people buy not because they trust a system they buy because they trust a person. You be the trustworthy person. Don’t be that person that people say things like- there is something about that person  I don’t know what it is, I just don’t trust them.  { you know somewhere in your life- you have said that about somebody}  think about it.

When you tell your  subscribers  you will be sending  information to them in so many days. Make sure you  follow through.   If for some reason you change your mind let it be known that you have decided against it.

 Don’t you just hate it, when someone tells you they are going to do something and they  don’t  show up- or call to let you know their plan has changed- there’s that trust factor. You have just built  a relation with that person whether you know it or not.  I venture to say you will not be calling upon that (relation) again requesting help form them.

When you  began sending  information to your email list don’t  COPIE and PASTE  someone else’s  swipe. Tell your own story  you must make that connection with your audience. Think for just a moment, ( can someone else tell what’s in your heart).  Be transparent don’t be muddied waters. Please don’t stir the glass. I don’t know about you but I want to see   what’s   in my ice tea . There  is no limit to how long your story should be in your email  you’re  in control. Again not everyone is going to read your email, but the ones that are reading  your emails they are your audience so make it count .

I can hear you, you are asking yourself , why do I need an email list. Your list  is  the traffic source to most of your blog posting any affiliates program you want to share. Most importantly that product that you are itching to develop.  Having a list  is a great way to connect to your reader on demand.

You must build a subject line. Your subject line is the most important  component of your email campaign. No matter how great you think your content is.  If you can’t entice  your audience to open your email- need I say more.

There are some factors you need to considers a little later as you develop your  email list. Age, gender,  demographic and more- depending on your subscribers and your niche. That will come later -right now get your list built- build the list, the only  way you are going to know if things are working  is through trail and error- test your work.

Below are  trials and errors subject lines that I know works:

Creating  humor( good humor) is good. Creating bold statements is good, Asking questions- asking good questions don’t turn your subscribers off  with nonsense. Challenge yourself. You can make it happen. Building  relation with your email list will come. You just have to work at it. If you want it badly enough stay with it, persistence is key.

You will need a auto-responder. I use Aweber it has so many features such as, building email forms quickly and easily, It is great with automating your follow up messages and more. Most of all Aweber is user friendly. Here it is in a nut shell .  Aweber keeps you from pulling someone else’ s hair out.

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Name that Flower

Galatians 6:9

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.188I am amateur photographer. I have taken  pictures of some beautiful flowers. Requesting your help identifying them. Also tell me what you think ?


How to Generate Great Ideas For your Blog

Firstly, you know you have to believe what your are writing.  Don’t do that copy and paste jazz. You want to be- IMPRESSIVE, oh yes you do!easy-solution-18934812

It would be great to generate all your ideas from feedback and comments, but when you are in the beginning stage of blogging  and don’t have an audience -it’s hard.  I could use the other( H) word  but I don’t  use bad language.  Although, sometimes  when I am trying to create  ideas some strange words enter my thoughts.

Ok  enough of that, I just want to let you know you are not the only one having a hard time generating ideals for your blog. Do you feel better now ? Let’s get busy.

To began, you need to start hanging out in popular forums in your niche. Spend 10-25 minutes there. Roam around the thread area, check out what others are having problems with. For instance, if someone is having a problem  with their squeeze page converting.  you can talk about what the biggest mistake people make with  squeeze pages.

If someone is having problem making to much money- you can tell them that- you are the expert the connoisseur when it come to how to spend  money.(I am kidding,)

Another idea you can write  about- something controversial  that always creates an audience. Now don’t go offending anyone, make sure you have your facts together. Please don’t try to be superwoman or superman-when you need kryptonite you will not be able to find it.

If you are a amateur photographer  such a myself, you can photograph pictures and make a category about your pictures.

you can send an anonymous survey to your email list – asking them what do they need help with. your goal is to create  ideals that  are going to get you closer to your audience to find  out what their needs are.

The earliest you make the connection to your audience and what they are struggling with the bigger and better your ideas become.

Your ideas are in there- you need a little help getting the ideals on paper.

I am going to get you there!

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